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As we presented the event in a last post, eXo Platform will be present at the OW2 Annual Conference and will held two talks:

Next gen Portals: how OpenSocial standard adds social to the mix
Speaker: Tugdual Grall, eXo Platform
Schedule: April 2, 01:30 – 02:00
Abstract: OpenSocial a new way to develop for portals and adding social to the mix. Abstract: OpenSocial is a standard for the social web managed by the OpenSocial foundation. It offers an API to develop application that are compatible across multiple platforms using HTML, JavaScript, XML, and REST. After one year of existence the standard has been implemented by more than 20 containers, is used by more than 600 million users and more than 7500 applications have been developed for it. The session will start with an overview of what is OpenSocial ant it’s ecosystem (social networks, developers, enterprise vendors). We will continue with a general summary of the differences between the Portlet 2.0 specification and the OpenSocial gadgets. Finally, We will demonstrate how to develop OpenSocial applications with the state of the art technology like flex, GWT, grails and eXo Social.

Which Portlet Bridge is made for you?
Speaker: Julien Viet, eXo Platform
Schedule: April 2, 02:00 – 02:30
Abstract: A Portlet Bridge is a technology to adapt a web framework to the Portlet environment. A Portlet is a user interface component executed in a runtime called Portlet Container in a similar fashion a Servlet is executed in a Servlet Container. Usually web frameworks are designed to execute in a Servlet Container, fortunately most of the widely known web frameworks provide a Portlet Bridge to provide integration within portals. Furthermore, the JavaServer Faces, standard web framework of the Java EE ecosystem, has its own bridge specification called “Portlet Bridge Specification for JavaServer Faces” that specifies the required behavior. The Portlet specification provides exclusive features not available in a servlet environment such as content personalization, access to the user profile. With the latest 2.0 release of the Portlet specification new advanced features are available such as eventing between portlet. Such features can be bridged between the Portlet and the web framework providing a native support by the framework programming model. This talk provides an high level introduction to the Portlet programming model. Then it focuses on reviewing the support of various Portlet Bridge. A few examples are detailed in order to illustrate the usage of Portlet advanced features with various web frameworks. The talk is targeted to web developers that wants to know which frameworks can be executed within a portal and the features they an expect for them. No particular prerequisite is required beside being familiar with web frameworks such as JavaServer Faces, Struts 2, Tapestry or Wicket.

Come to the event and meet the eXo guys, ask your access pass here!

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