eXo at the OW2 Annual Conference, April 1-2, 2009

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Two days at no cost to you to discover the enterprise software that will set you free and boost your efficiency: come and take part in the first OW2 Annual Conference, April 1-2, in Paris, held during the Solutions Linux trade show.

Optimize your time: attending the first OW2 Annual Conference will also offer you the opportunity to visit the Solution Linux trade show, discover the latest developments in the OW2’s leading projects and get to talk with the developers themselves.

Anticipate the future: come and discover how Ruby is evolving with lead Ruby language designer Yukihiro Matsumoto, and what comes next in Java for the enterprise with Java EE 6 specification lead Roberto Chinnici.

Broaden your knowledge: this year’s program features over 30 presentations, speakers from Europe, Asia and the Americas, seven thematic sessions, four poster sessions and of course the “Best Use Case Award”.

And it’s all free! Thanks to our sponsors and partners, ANR, Bull, EBMWebsourcing, Engineering, eXo Platform, Ingres, INRIA, IPA, Orange Labs, and Xwiki, the conference is free of charge and open to all.

Just one condition, you must register at https://www.solutionslinux.fr. More information on the OW2 Annual Conference website at

Founded in January 2007 OW2 is an independent industry community dedicated to developing open source code middleware and to fostering a vibrant community and business ecosystem. The OW2 Consortium hosts some one hundred technology Projects, including Acceleo, ASM, Bonita, eXo Platorm, Funambol, JOnAS, Lomboz, Orbeon Forms, PetALS, SpagoBI and XWiki. Visit www.ow2.org

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