eXo Platform 3.5.9 – Full Maturity Milestone

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We are very pleased to announce the availability of eXo Platform 3.5.9, the ninth maintenance release of the eXo Platform 3.5 series. In this new version, a total of 17 issues were resolved, including bug fixes for customer issues.

Customers who subscribe to eXo will receive the bundle via our support channel.

We also announce that eXo Platform 3.5 will mark the transition to a limited maintenance cycle from 1st March 2014.
In practical terms, this means you can still fully benefit from eXo’s support until the end of life for this generation of product, but the frequency of maintenance releases of eXo Platform 3.5 will slow down.

The next version, eXo Platform 3.5.10, the first release in the limited maintenance phase of eXo Platform 3.5, is scheduled to be delivered in August 2014.

As we have already communicated through our blog, we invite you to discover the new generations of our product: eXo Platform 4.0, released in May 2013. Also, don’t forget to follow eXo Platform 4.1 Development Progression.

Thank you again for your trust and confidence in eXo’s products.
See you soon on our website, or our community web site. You can also follow us on Twitter !

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