eXo Platform 4 Highlights: Designs and User Experience

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Platform 4 is here, offering revamped designs and an enhanced user experience. We believe this is the first product we’e launched that has this level of fit and finish. We even think it is among the most beautiful enterprise software ever launched. Let’s discover together what’s in the best version we have ever released from a design and user experience standpoint.

More than 400 screens

We introduce with this major release a totally new design. To achieve this, we redesigned everything, from the UI components to applications. More than 400 screens were affected by this gigantic overhaul, as were all teams (Design, Web Design, Cross Product, All Engineering Teams, Marketing, Product).

Less Inside

Behind the scenes, we’re now using Less (https://lesscss.org) and a LOT of CSS3 tricks. It means a better skin, more customization on the road, and a global brand with shared styles across all products.

And best of all, we are allowing partners to extend and customize it for their own projects. We can’t wait to see new themes based on eXo Platform 4 UI.

A video is worth a thousand words, so we’ll stop talking now and let you take a look at this two-minute video.

Download and see eXo Platform 4 by yourself.

Stay tuned, in the next post we will highlight all of the work done on File Management in eXo Platform 4. Some very cool features will be described, like the new drag and drop feature, to name but one.

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