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Following the release of eXo Platform 4.2-RC1, we are delighted to announce significant updates to the eXo Documentation Website with many new handy features documented. Let’s see what they are.

eXo Platform 4.2 On-site Notifications

To meet the demands of the eXo Platform community, this feature has been integrated to provide a more efficient collaboration model. Specifically, by using the on-site notifications, you can immediately see any new activity within your organization:


You can read this description to see what the new feature covers, and follow the instructions here to turn it on.

eXo Platform 4.2 New User Profile Design

This new design enriches and better organizes user profiles. Here is how it looks now:


Remember, your profile is always visible by all users of the portal. It helps them to understand more about you, so it is important to have a profile with full and clear information. Refer to this guide for tuning up your profile.

eXo Platform 4.2 Document Viewer

This feature provides a viewer for common file types. It can be used to read an Office document, view an image or play a video. Here is its friendly appearance:


Check it out here to see which document formats are supported.

eXo Platform 4.2 Open in Office

As in the previous version, you can open a file remotely with your Office application suite; however, some specific environments are required. Now the feature comes with impressive compatibility. Read here which operating systems and browsers are supported.

Visit this page to discover how to use great functions such as Open in Word, Open in Excel, Open in PowerPoint and Open on Desktop.

More technical topics

In parallel with the new function releases, eXo Platform is becoming more and more extensible. Therefore, our DOC team members are always striving to bring you more attractive content, helping you to leverage this extensibility. Below are our new topics and some additional information:

  • Overriding the eXo favicon: You want to replace the eXo favicon 04-fav-icon with your own design? Just follow the easy steps in this guide.
  • Using AJAX and HTML DOM Object: If you are interested in developing a complete gadget with eXo Platform, check out this tutorial.
  • Installing JDBC driver as a JBoss module: This tip will help you to configure a MySQL database.
  • WCM Publication Deployment Plugin: A new plugin is provided to inject content into the server at startup. Check out this guide to see how to configure it.

What’s next?

We are planning to focus on useful tutorials that demonstrate the extensibility of eXo Platform 4.2, for instance, extending the eXo notification system or overriding the design of a user profile, so stay tuned! Once again, feel free to give us your feedback, which will be quickly addressed in future updates. We are here to listen to you all!

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