eXo Platform 4.2 hits the release candidate stage!

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That’s it. Here we are! eXo Platform 4.2 is feature complete and we have tagged the release candidate as 4.2-RC1.

It’s the first release of the 4.2 stream that will let you try all the features that have been introduced over the past six months.

Compared to the previous milestone, the following features have been added:

And here is a reminder of the things that were released in previous milestones:

  • Skin module or an improved way to customize the look and feel of your eXo Platform instance
  • Official Juzu 1.0 and Spring MVC web framework support
  • SSO add-ons to facilitate the integration of single-sign-on solutions with eXo Platform
  • Answers add-on: starting with 4.2, answers and FAQ apps need to install an add-on

Additionally, RC1 is coming with tons of bug fixes including those in 4.1.1, which was recently released to eXo customers.

What’s next?

We are right on time for this release candidate. So we are still shooting for a final release by the end of June.

In the meantime, QA is seriously busy making sure Platform 4.2 will run on the desired environments and our developers are smashing bugs as they show up.

This is giving us some time to polish the docs and upgrade the instructions.

How can I try it?

You can download the eXo Platform 4.2-RC1 community edition from the usual location and customers will be sent a copy of the enterprise edition upon request.

Please try it and report anything that looks wrong. Another great way to contribute would be to help finalize the translations.

Finally, we are working on upgrading the tribe website with RC1 so that more people can preview it.

Join the eXo tribe by registering for the community and get updates, tutorials, support, and access to the Platform and add-on downloads!

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