Infographic: Working effectively with different generations in the same workplace

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Mixing and managing different generations working together

A workplace can have a lot of people with different background, ages, beliefs, ambitions and expectations. It’s more than obvious  that dealing with all of them at once requires a lot of dedication, patience and a flexible work style.

Understanding generational differences

It’s undeniable that to better categorise people in the workplace, we have to analyse them by defining their generation, their behavioural characteristics and the way they get work done.

Therefore, we need to understand what differentiates them and what brings them together, by defining the traits of each working generation to bridge the gap between them.

After testing many practices and consolidating them from trusted sources, we were able to come up with better ways of communicating and collaborating internally.

Check out the infographic below to learn more about how different generations are working together in the same workplace, the differences between the generations and how your management style may affect them.

Working effectively with different generations in the same workplace

Differences within generations will lead you to success

Generational issues have always existed whether in our day-to-day life or in the workplace. By following the guidelines mentioned above, you won’t let those issues complicate the working atmosphere and, thus, the efficiency of your teams.

Your team is your strength and you’ll need all of your strength in a marketplace where the weak won’t survive.

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 Working effectively with different generations in the same workplace


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