Why your employees are disengaged, and what you can do about it (Infographic)

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The vast majority of people go to work, but how many actually do the work when they’re there? Sleepwalking through their day, doing the bare minimum to get things done, giving their employers little to no effort — these are all common and known practices of disengaged employees.

The most successful companies have the highest levels of employee engagement, and data backs this up. There is indeed a correlation between employee engagement and profitable revenue growth, and business leaders have to become more serious about this.

To increase revenue and enhance the overall performance of a company, a well-planned approach is needed.

The good news is, if you look for signs of employee disengagement you’ll find them (if they are there), and with the right strategy you can tackle them.

In this infographic we’ll explore what those signs are, along with the reasons why. Then we’ll show you how to overcome your employee disengagement challenges.

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Graphic :
Le Minh Ha

Author  :
Nouha Blagui

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