Webinars Reloaded: Discover eXo Platform through Live Demos

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There’s no better way to discover eXo than through a live demo, right? So we just relaunched our webinar series to let you to discover Platform 4 with an in-depth overview of all the possibilities offered to you as an intranet admin, developer or manager.

Below is a recording of the last webinar, so you can have an idea of what we discussed. It’s not obvious in this recording but we’ll take time to answer your questions or show you the Platform 4 sections that you want to see in more detail. If you are interested, you may join us on the 8th of August for the next session. We have scheduled two different sessions to accommodate different time zones.

The next webinar will give you an overview of how you can use eXo Platform 4 and how we can help you to develop the social intranet your organization needs.

You can also register for the eXo Community to get the latest updates about our webinars, access the recordings and tons of other resources to get you started, or advance on your eXo Platform 4.

Did you like what you saw? You can try eXo Platform 4 now via our free hosted service: eXo Cloud.

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