Web framework: Introducing Juzu version 1.0 and its brand new website

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After a few years of development, the eXo Portal team is proud to announce the release of Juzu 1.0.

Juzu Web Framework: the History

We at eXo noticed a few years ago that no decent framework had been created for developing portlet applications in a simple, productive manner. Julien Viet started to develop Juzu, a web framework based on MVC concepts. The idea was to combine the simplicity of the Play framework with the JavaEE standard to develop portlet and web applications.

After years of development, Juzu now powers many applications in the eXo Platform. Most of our new portlets are developed using Juzu instead of the WebUI framework. Juzu is simple, so we use it to develop simple portlets, such as the branding portlet. Juzu is also powerful, so we use it to develop complete applications, such as the Chat add-on.

In addition, Juzu will power our upcoming Task Management add-on.

Juzu 1.0: What’s New

The Juzu 1.0 release provides important new features and some simplifications for Juzu developers. For instance, you can now minify assets and implement your own application error handler. JSON responses have been drastically simplified, and Juzu provides controller handler parameter validation via the Bean Validation framework.

The documentation has also been enhanced with the new JuZcret tutorial, which focuses on the development of portlets.

If you would like to get a closer look at the features Juzu provides, take a look at the great presentation by Tuyen from the Portal Team on SlideShare.

Juzu: New Website

Because good news should never travel alone, I’m proud to announce that a new Juzu website is online. You will find a summary of Juzu’s main features, the latest documentation, and some screenshots to help you get started with Juzu.

You will notice that for this site, we decided to remain consistent with the websites for our other open-source projects, such as CRaSH.

Juzu: What’s Next

We just released the first version of Juzu, but we still have work to do to improve it. The eXo Portal Team is now leading the development of Juzu, and the next improvement implemented should offer full CSRF protection.

Do you have some good ideas to contribute to Juzu? Juzu is open-source and open-minded—we welcome you to join us in the effort to make a great product.

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