Video calls have arrived on eXo Cloud! Try them, they’re free!

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Looking to build a collaborative culture to foster productivity and team spirit? One month after releasing the flagship feature Email Notifications, today we are excited to unveil the Video Calls add-on for eXo Cloud.

Making video calls is incredibly easy but, first, if you have not already done so, you need to sign up for an eXo Cloud account.

How can I try it?

Video Calls is the newest add-on for eXo Cloud and a free 30-day trial is immediately available on your workspace. No credit card is required, so there’s no commitment! You can initiate your trial period when you want to start making video calls with your co-workers in seconds.



Directly from your workspace, click the “Call” button to start a video call. Give it a shot and see how you can engage your co-workers with a face-to-face meeting!

How can I buy it?

After your trial, if you like the Video Calls add-on so much that you want to keep using it, you can buy it very easily.

Once connected to your workspace, click on the Upgrade button if you have a freemium account or directly jump to your Buy Page by clicking the Buy More button on your Subscription Status page.


The Video Calls add-on is available with any subscription plan for only $1 per user per month!

Once subscribed, you can manage the add-on directly in your subscription page.

Currently, Video Calls is the only add-on available on eXo Cloud, but we promise that this is just a glimpse of many more to come!

Still got you? Excellent!

Loads of things can hinder your team’s productivity, but configuring the Video Calls add-on shouldn’t be one of them. Administrators can manage call permissions for users and groups quickly and easily via a brand new interface.


Still not sure about getting started? Read the FAQ to find out even more and then give video calls a try.

New to eXo Cloud? Try eXo Cloud for free!

Ready to upgrade to Premium? Connect to your workspace, hit the Upgrade button, and find the right plan and add-ons for your organization.

Soon, we hope to offer many more exciting services as add-ons to eXo Cloud.

Stay tuned!

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