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From adding new features to sharing specific tactics to improve the performances, the eXo Community is helping eXo Platform users to make the most out of the platform. Here are the best contributions that caught our attention:

  • 1/ External user authentication for logging in to eXo, like LinkedIn
  • 2/ How to make the intranet site faster
  • 3/ Simultaneous editing of a wiki page by several users
  • 4/ ExtJs with GateIn not working

1/ External user authentication for logging in to eXo, like LinkedIn

In this post, a community member asks if it is possible to replicate the login mechanism we use for the community, where you can sign in using your LinkedIn account.

This is actually a great example of how easy it is to extend Platform 4 with community add-ons thanks to the platform’s integration capabilities as well as a great open source community who contribute by adding the things they want.

Of course, the post gives all the steps for replicating the mechanism our internal team implemented, so you can use this feature on your platform as well.

Also, what was a new feature from our community will very soon be adapted as an add-on and will be freely available to the community.

Read the full post here.

2/ How to make the intranet site faster

In this contribution, the initial poster starts a very interesting discussion about how the platform performs. Another community member joins the discussion and gives a first answer based on his own experience. Different eXoers give possible solutions for improving the launch speed of the platform, and there is information about stress tests run by the QA team on the platform.

All in all, you can get a clear idea of what is being done internally at eXo to improve the performance of Platform 4 as well as some concrete advice to make your own intranet faster.

Read the full post here.

3/ Simultaneous editing of a wiki page by several users

The author give some very interesting feedback about the wiki and requests a new feature, which could be implemented in future versions, regarding simultaneous editing of the wiki. This kind of post is very important to us as it gives us a clear idea for how we can improve the product and where we want to take it.

Read the full post here.

4/ ExtJs with GateIn not working

This final contribution is not a post from our community forum but from the famous Q&A: Stack Overflow. A user asked a very technical question about ExtJs integration. An answer was provided by another community member, who gave a possible solution to the initial problem.

Read the full post here.

If you want to discover more about eXo Platform 4 and its great community, become a member now.

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