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From adding new features to sharing specific tactics to improve performance, the eXo Community is helping eXo Platform users make the most out of the platform. Here are the best contributions that caught our attention:

  • 1/ Create an extension without writing xml files
  • 2/ Configure Office to have document previsualization
  • 3/ eXo can be used with Chinese symbols
  • 4/ Interested in contributing to eXo? Share your ideas and discuss.

1/ Create your site with UI, and export it as an extension

If you are not comfortable with xml configuration files, this post is for you. It describes the add-on “Configuration Extension Generator,” which allows you to create your entire site in the UI (pages, navigation, content, etc.) and, when you are finished, to export it as an extension, ready to deploy in another instance.

Read the full post here.

2/ How To configure Office and the eXo Platform to view documents

One of our members, Dan James, had some issues using Office and JODConverter to see previsualizations of documents in eXo. He managed to resolve these issues and decided to share his experience in a complete how-to.

Read the full post here.

3/ Use eXo with exotic alphabets

In this post, one of our members was trying to upload documents in Chinese in eXo. He had some encoding problems and asked for help on the forum. Our team helped him to resolve his problem and to get eXo working with Chinese characters.

Read the full post here.

4/ Interested in contributing to eXo? Share your ideas and discuss.

eXo is an open source project, and everybody can contribute to it. This forum on our community lists different ideas which could be added to eXo. Do you have a need that is not listed? Do you have remarks about ideas already in the list? Feel free to participate and bring your point of view to the discussion.

Access the forum here.

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