Upcoming Training in Lima, Peru

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eXo is coming to Lima, Peru! With our local SI partners Middleware Peru and Software Libre Andino, we’re teaming up to deliver comprehensive eXo training the week of 26-30 September.

Our courses will allow you to gain hands-on experience with eXo Platform, while learning the key concepts related the successful architectural design, development, deployment and administration of eXo-based solutions. Attendees can elect to complete the full week of training, or choose from either course:

  • eXo Fundamentals (2 days): This course introduces the key benefits and features of eXo Platform. Participants learn how to demo the core capabilities of eXo Platform, including content management, portal, social and collaboration features, and answer the most common questions.
  • eXo Developer (3 days): Learn how to effectively customize eXo Platform to integrate with existing applications, and build successful POCs and deployments. (Prerequisite – successful completion of an eXo Fundamentals training course.)

For more details on pricing, availability and more, check out our website or contact us. Only a few seats remain, so book yours today!

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