The Upgrade Process and Quartz Scheduler in Cluster Mode – Easier Than You Think!

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As promised, we have started writing guidelines for the Upgrade process and Quartz Scheduler in cluster mode after we received questions about these subjects. And today, you can follow these topics in the new deployment of the eXo Documentation website.

Let’s start with the totally new chapter on the upgrade process, which is always a major concern for our community users and customers.


eXo Platform aims to offer a transparent upgrade experience. In the Upgrade chapter, we introduce you to the main concepts of the Upgrade Service, upgrade plugins and how they work. After that, you can learn about:

  • Prerequisites – Be prepared before performing a real upgrade, in particular, take a backup and try a dry-run upgrade.
  • Upgrading process – This article explains how to perform an upgrade. After reading this section, you will know why upgrading to a newer version is much easier than you think. By following our instructions step by step, you will upgrade without any problems.
  • Best practices – These ensure a smooth upgrade. We describe tips for monitoring the server log as well common tests you can perform on the upgraded package.

The next important update is about using the Quartz Scheduler in cluster mode. In this article, you can learn how Quartz 2 and JBoss work together with the JobStoreCMT or with JobStoreTX. By reading these explanations and guidelines, you will learn how to prevent the duplicate execution of cron jobs in a clustered environment.

Once again, your feedback feeds our motivation; so don’t hesitate to raise your voice. All posts are gratefully appreciated and will be considered! Head to the community for more!

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