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We installed server box intended for benchmarking eXo Platform products performance such as WebOS in general, eXo-JCR etc as well as customer’s application specific use cases in production-like environment.

Short specification:

Base model : SuperMicro 7045B-3R

MotherBoard : Super X7DB3 (Intel 5000P, on-board Adaptec AIC 9140 SAS controller)

CPU : 2 x Intel Xeon E5345 (Quad-Core, 8MB cache, 2.33GHh, FSB – 1333 GHz, 80W)

RAM : Apacer 8x2GB FB DDR2 ECC 667MHz, Total 16GB

HDD : 5x250GB SATA in RAID 5 (Super AOC LPZCR2)

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  1. Hi,

    Yes, we we are putting in order existed benchmarks as well as creating new ones, will put it on public ASAP (next week probably).
    For the time it includes testing JCR API operations as well as main ECM usecases (JCR related) such as content/metadata adding, traversing etc.
    Stay tuned

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