The eXo Tribe tripled in just a year!

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At almost 58,000 members, our Tribe grew by 190% in just a year. We’re very pleased to see so much interest from the community. Thanks to everyone who joined, whether to test-drive the Platform, contribute new ideas and add-ons, or just to stay on top of the latest news. As always, keep your feedback coming!

Here is a quick recap of what happened in the Tribe this past year:

1/eXo Advocacy Add-on and Campaign

A few months back, we launched a cool reward program to thank our Tribe members for spreading the word about their experiences with eXo Platform. The concept was for the members to pick their mission and receive a gift. Then this advocacy program was transformed into an add-on, so you too can use it. It’s now available from the Add-on Centre.
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2/ eXo Tribe Pulse

Some months ago, we developed a new feature called eXo Pulse, which helps people to understand what is happening in their community. It shows how usage changes over time, which users are the most active and other statistics so that all users can understand the pace of their community. Like the advocacy program, the Tribe pulse has been made available as an add-on so you can install it for your own community.
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3/ Discover eXo Platform

This new section helps beginners to get started with eXo Platform, from learning the basics to evaluating the product for their project.
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4/ eXo Platform Feature Requests

With such a great community, we wanted a better way to capture, discuss and probe all the great ideas with the community. The “Feature Requests” section is the place to go when you are missing a feature or an integration or when you need some specific area to be improved. Just describe your idea, and we’ll evaluate it carefully!
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Finally, the Tribe is often updated with the latest version of eXo Platform, whether it is a final or a milestone version, so the Tribe can preview and enjoy the latest features.

You can also take a tour of the add-on centre to see which new add-ons have been implemented!

Join the eXo tribe by registering for the community and get updates, tutorials, support, and access to the Platform and add-on downloads!

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