Red Hat & eXo Webinar Next Week: GateIn and the Future of Portals

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In case you missed it in the newsletter, we will be co-presenting a webinar with Red Hat next week to kick off the availability of the GateIn 3.0 portal project.  Our own Tug Grall, who leads up eXo’s product strategy and management, will be presenting along with Jason Andersen of Red Hat.  There are 2 live events in the same day, Thursday 18 March: 9am ET / 1pm GMT, and an encore session at 2pm ET / 6pm GMT.  From the abstract published on Red Hat’s site:

Throughout 2009 Red Hat made a number of announcements about the GateIn project, which represents the next generation of enterprise portal technologies. It is intended to form the foundation for Red Hat’s future portal infrastructure products and aims to enable organizations to easily create and manage rich portal-based application experiences.

GateIn 3.0 is now complete and in this webinar we will delve into the details of this exciting project! Join us to hear about our milestones and learn more about the future of JBoss portal technologies. Topics we will cover include:

  • future plans for the GateIn project
  • the commencement of a managed beta program
  • the Red Hat eXo relationship

For more info or to register, visit the webinar registration page here.

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