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The eXo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) includes several sub applications and the Records Management Application (RMA) is on of them. eXo RMA implements the DOD 5015.2 specification.

A RMA solution goal is to manage the lifecycle of records (could be PDF documents) that will be kept in the system (inside a FilePlan – FP) for a 10 years period before being cutoff and held 6 more months before a transfer to a national backup instance or a deletion. All those rules are defined in the specification and are parameterizable.

The RMA support is native in eXo ECM and a FilePlan is simply a special type of folder. When creating a file plan, one must fill the FP property which are displayed in a three tab form:

Once created, documents and sub folders can be added into the FP, they become Records.

There are two views in that file plan, one that summarize the content of the file plan thanks to a dedicated FP template:

And another one that is the usual ECM view when browsing the File explorer.

The previous one was the thumbnails view while the next one is the list view. Both display the sub folder that are included in the file plan.

When a document is added in the FP or in any sub folder, an action is launched, it will automatically make a record out of the document, in other word, it will add some FP metadata to the doc in order to have it managed by the RMA.

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