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publish documents easily

Until now, you could share one single document at a time in the activity stream. Now you can attach multiple documents to the same publication. Here is how we have evolved the interface to allow this frequently requested improvement.

The File tab of the Microblog editor now looks a little different:

eXo File editor

An area dedicated to uploading files appears below the message editor.

It allows you to load files from your computer or from documents already in eXo Platform.

Loading from the computer allows you to select multiple documents at once. You can also drag and drop files from your computer’s file manager.

If your documents are already present in eXo Platform, a redesigned selection window allows you to browse and search your different drives to easily find the documents you want to attach to your publication.

attach file aapplication in eXo document management

As soon as they are selected, documents start to load.

eXo file upload

You can take advantage of the loading time to write your message, while keeping an eye on the loading progress bars below. You can add further documents without interfering with the loading of the others. Finally, if you make a mistake, you can cancel the upload of any file.

Once the message is posted, your activity stream will be rewarded with a new publication that displays a beautiful mosaic of document preview thumbnails.

eXo document preview thumbnails

The name and type of each file is revealed by hovering over each thumbnail. We also provided a convenient “download all” action that lets you grab a zip of all the attached documents.

Clicking on a thumbnail triggers the appearance of the now-familiar preview interface. It is now  equipped with navigation buttons, allowing you to view each document in the collection in turn.

navigation button on eXo document management

Finally, notifications have been adapted to reveal all the documents attached to the publication and to give you a direct link to each.

eXo notifications of documents attached to the publication

That’s essentially it for this improvement, which has been very loudly requested by our users. By grouping several documents within the same publication, rather than doing a blast of individual document activities, you can avoid undesirable social noise for everyone and also give more context to your discussions.

You can try this feature now, directly on the Tribe or by installing the latest milestone release of eXo Platform 5.0. Do please leave your comments below or, better still, in the eXo Platform space, where you’ll be able to exchange directly with the team that has developed this new feature.

Stay tuned for more product innovations for eXo Platform!

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