Oman Business Forum chooses eXo Platform to improve collaboration and to contribute to business growth

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eXo Platform, the leading open-source provider of digital collaboration solutions, has been chosen by Oman Business Forum (OBF) to improve collaboration between public and private institutions and to unlock growth opportunities in the Sultanate.

The OBF is a professional platform that enhances networking, exposure to business opportunities, knowledge sharing and dialogue between the Sharaka Public-Private Task Force and graduates of the Diwan of Royal Court’s National Leadership Programs – a nucleus of current and future decision makers.

Launched in April 2013, Sharaka aimed to enable the sector to play its role as an active partner in the social and economic development of the Sultanate. The project includes six ministers from the public sector and six high-profile business owners from the private sector. The partnership between these two sectors is intended to achieve national stability and sustainable economic growth.

With an emphasis on providing its members with insights into relevant industry trends that are shaping the future of different markets, Sharaka’s main activities include:

  • Regularly reviewing government procedures and legislation
  • Enacting new regulations to improve the business environment
  • Launching new initiatives
  • Identifying organic business and investment opportunities

OBF chose eXo Platform as the foundation of Sharaka’s digital workplace due its set of collaborative features, including forums, chat, user profiles, task management function and unified search.

The challenges for eXo are to help users to communicate meaningfully, to get user feedback in real time and to involve the users in events by creating tasks and monitoring projects.

The Sharaka Program digital platform is still in its soft launch phase. It is expected to target 200 users once the deployment is driven and implemented in collaboration with our local partner olive e-solution. In the second phase, it is expected to reach the 500 OBF members.

About eXo

With an ecosystem of 100,000 members and hundreds of successful deployments worldwide, including the US Department of Defense, NATO, UCLA, Generali and the European Investment Bank, eXo is the largest open-source provider of collaboration and knowledge management solutions for enterprises and governments.

eXo helps organisations of all sizes to engage their workforce, transforming their employees’ experience and harnessing their knowledge via its innovative, extensible, interoperable collaboration platform and wide range of services.

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