[New Release] eXo WS 2.0 released

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We are proud to announce the release of eXo Web Services 2.0

eXo WS is an umbrella project for Web related services, including:

  • RESTful Web Services framework (JAX-RS)
  • JAX-WS  Web Services (SOAP) framework
  • Web Security implementations for such a frameworks as oAuth, CAS, SPNEGO
  • HTTP-based event routing framework, a.k.a Comet
  • JSON library
  • Extended HTTP client
  • And other services

2.0 version comes with brand new fully JSR-311 compatible REST engine, including

  • Full support of JSR-311 annotations
  • Support all specified media types as well as additional support for ‘multipart/*’ and ‘application/json’ media types included.
  • Web Application Description Language (WADL)
  • Extended request/response modification abilities using dedicated filter mechanism
  • Groovy REST services
  • JSR-250 role based security annotations (@PermitAll, @DenyAll, @RolesAllowed)
  • Useful X-HTTP-Method-Override feature
  • Support of all cool proprietary features from WS 1.x
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