New Release : eXo Portal 2.2

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eXo Portal 2.2 is now available for download from OW2 forge or from eXo source repository.

Here a quick overview of the new features of this release:

  • Upgrade to use latest core components, improving performances and administration (Kernel 2.0.2, Core 2.1, Portlet-Container 2.0.1, JCR 1.9.1, WS 1.2.1).
  • Support of Cometd into eXo Portal
  • Improve eXo REST service support
  • Improve language support, supporting user and/or browser language to drive Portal settings
  • Update to the new Groovy release and library (groovy-all-1.5.6)
  • Update to new JiBX library (1.1.6a)

Here a more detailled lis of the fix and improvement of this eXo Portal release:


  • [PORTAL-1821] Show exception when edit WSRPAdminPortlet
  • [PORTAL-1803] Three column container layout width doesn’t work
  • [PORTAL-1542] Integration problem between Portal and Portlet Container- wsrp enabled
  • [PORTAL-1840] Can not use classpath in jar
  • [PORTAL-1876] Session time out when delete a portal which you do not have right to delete this portal
  • [PORTAL-1693] Error when move Search User form in Group Managament tab of Organization portlet
  • [PORTAL-1873] Unknown error when drag & drop container in tab and change skin
  • [PORTAL-1874] Error drag & drop container when create page have tab page config
  • [PORTAL-1693] Error when move Search User form in Group Managament tab of Organization portlet
  • [PORTAL-1832] Error displaying in Exo Message with all skin
  • [PORTAL-1859] UI Navigation bar is displayed under Breadcumbs Portlet
  • [PORTAL-1855] IE6: Show Message Exo Form is Error when edit container/portlet in the first time


  • [PORTAL-1850] Add disabled in Container UIFormStringInput
  • [PORTAL-1826] Should set default language is English when registers new account
  • [PORTAL-1649] Language as a user preference

New Features

  • [PORTAL-1837] Should correct space of all portlets in portal
  • [PORTAL-1843] Should change message when set width or height for portlet
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