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We are proud to announce the release of eXo JCR 1.11 (Java Content Repository)

eXo JCR is an open source implementation of JSR 170: Content Repository for JavaTM technology API.

Besides of specification implementation current eXo JCR includes a lot of content management oriented extensions and frameworks on top of JCR, including:

  • JCR tooling and ability extension such as backup/restore, replication services
  • JCR Session event – driven framework allowing dispatches and fires an event upon each transient session level changes and many services built on top of it such as Audit, Security, Metadat extensions and others
  • JCR network protocol specific frameworks such as RMI, WebDAV, CIFS(SMB), FTP servers over JCR
  • JCR application framework helping building reliable, good designing JCR backed-end applications
  • Benchmark framework for simplify programming use cases for performance, stress testing in multi-thread, heavy loaded regimes
  • J2EE JCR connectors
  • Other platform scoped content oriented services (Groovy, Organization, Registry services and others)

The main features offered by JCR 1.11 including:

  • First release of Asynchronous Replication service, which allows collect changes made by several disconnected nodes of JCR cluster and schedule its connection and synchronization. In the other words it allows independent “off-line” modification of several Java content repositories and synchronize theirs state (make them store identical data) once a day/week etc or just calling synchronization manually when needed. Unlike Synchronous Replication (which is also supported in eXo JCR) it does not require peermanent opened connection between nodes.
  • eXo JCR 1.11 implements such a cool feature offered by JCR 2.0 (with our proprietary extension) as JCR Node Types and Namespaces altering. Indeed, before even small storage structure changing, for example moving to new version of JCR based application causes big head ache, a lot of time and developers involvement, thats why such a features have to be appreciated by administrators and application developers.
  • Starting from version 1.11 eXo JCR dependent REST resources, including WebDAV service, which is build on REST  dependend on WS 2.0 which mean that all of them conform JAX-RS JSR-311 specification
  • Besides those big features eXo JCR 1.11 includes improvements of Amazon’s Simple DB based data container (offered in JCR 1.10), improvements of External Values storage (transaction fail-over), JCR based Organization service performance improvements, Ingres database support and others
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