Platform 4.4 Sneak Peek: New Document Version History

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This post is part of a series of articles that will introduce some noteworthy improvements to eXo Platform 4.4. Watch this blog for more product news in the upcoming weeks.

Collaboration around documents remains a critical aspect of enterprise workflows. Hence, delivering a frictional-less user experience around document life cycles is important for us.

That’s why, in line with recent simplifications of the document versioning functionality, Platform 4.4 is introducing a redesign of the user interface that allows you to manage the version history of documents.

To use the new interface, simply open any document in the Documents app and click the Versions button:

Versions button in eXo documents app

First, the new interface makes better use of your screen real estate to display a table of all versions recorded for this document. The most recent versions are at the top and you can see who has made the changes and when.

If you have edit permission on the document, you can create a summary of the changes by double-clicking in the summary column:

Summary of document versions recorded

Other useful actions are available depending on your permissions, such as deleting or reverting a former version or previewing it in the comfortable and now familiar full-page preview interface:

eXo document version control

Finally, you can compare two versions by selecting them and clicking Compare selected versions:

Compare documents versions history

The comparison interface will appear as a full page, highlighting the differences between the two versions.

eXo Document version history

Things that were added are displayed in green and things that were removed are displayed in red. From this interface, you can also navigate through the document version history to get a better understanding of what changed in the making of this document.

Tell us what you think

As usual, these improvements can be previewed immediately on the Tribe and in the latest milestone of eXo Platform 4.4 Community Edition. Let us know what you think. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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