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Devoxx France 2013 will be held in Paris from the 27th to the 29th of March and eXo will have a strong presence with three eXoers on the stage this year!

On Wednesday afternoon (17:40 – 18:10, room Ella Fitzgerald AB), Julien Viet and Alain Defrance, our Bad Boys from Marseille, will present their mighty Tools In Action: CRaSH le shell pour la platforme Java. A very impressive session with many demos, introducing you to several aspects of CRaSH:

  • The ubiquitous standalone shell, able to attach to a running JVM and use its resources such as datasources or JPA entities.
  • Embedded in Spring for developing a live command using Spring services.
  • Create a custom dashboard to aggregate key metrics of the JVM such as JMX, memory pools and thread activity.

Our dynamic duo will also be present at the Hackergarten for the CRaSH project. The Hackergarten is a meeting where anyone can contribute to an open source project. So if you want to learn more about CRaSH don’t hesitate to come along.

Arnaud Héritier will be involved in no less than three sessions:

  • On Wednesday afternoon (18:20 – 18:50, room Louis Armstrong AB), as a Maven guru he will improve your knowledge in the Good, Bad and Ugly Maven – A Puzzler Session. With Nicolas De Loof from our Cloudbees friends, they will challenge your knowledge on Apache Maven within this session in a way that may remind you of the popular TV game show: Who Wants to be a Millionaire. You’ll have fun and learn many interesting things about Maven.
  • On Thursday evening (19:00 – 20:00, room Auditorium) with his open source hat, you will be introduced to the Open Source French Connection. He’ll animate this BOF with Emmanuel Lecharny (PMC chair of Apache Directory and Apache Mina projects, among many other OSS contributions). You’ll discuss in this BOF about what is the open source day after day, as a user, a contributor, a developer…
  • Finally, on Friday afternoon (18:05 – 18:55, room Miles Davis) he will be a gossip boy in the live recording of the most famous French podcast Les Cast Codeurs.

Arnaud should also be present at the Hackergarten if you want to get your hands into some projects like Apache Maven or Jenkins.

And if you manage to miss all of Arnaud’s sessions, you probably won’t miss him completely. He is also involved in the event organization and is a member of the program committee, so you’ll see him running almost everywhere for three days wearing his red coat.

We hope you’ll love this event as much as we have loved preparing it. We hope to meet you there.

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