Meet CRaSH, the shell for the Java Platform, at JavaZone 2013

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JavaZone 2013 will be held in Oslo September 11–12, 2013, and eXo is proud to announce that we will be presenting a session at JavaZone to introduce CraSH, the shell for the Java Platform.

Julien Viet presenting CRaSH, the shell for the Java Platform

On Thursday afternoon at 2:20 p.m., in room 5, Julien Viet will present: “CraSH, the shell for the Java Platform”. It promises to be a very exciting session, with demos that will introduce several aspects of CRaSH:

  • The ubiquitous standalone shell, able to attach to a running JVM and use its resources, such as datasources or JPA entities.
  • Embedded in Spring for developing a live command using Spring services.
  • Create a custom dashboard to aggregate key metrics of the JVM, such as JMX, memory pools, and thread activity.

The new features of CRaSH 1.3 will be also presented. These include a polyglot shell and a few new plugins and commands.

We hope you’ll love this event as much as we have loved preparing it, and we hope to meet you there!

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