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Following the release of eXo Platform 4.1 Milestone 1, the eXo Platform documentation has been deployed with the launch of eXo Platform 4.1 documentation. This deployment has updated instructions for the new features found only in Platform 4.1, so you will feel confident when learning about them.

First, there are email notifications, which are a completely new feature in Platform 4.1:

  • Managing email notifications – Easy-to-follow steps on how to configure the notification settings and details of email notification types supported in eXo Platform 4.1.
  • Email notification administration – You can enable and disable the notification plugins as an administrator.
  • Email notification plugin – Step-by-step instructions for developers to define a notification plugin that sends email notifications to users.

Second, a series of improvements for both Platform 4.1 and Platform 4.0:

  • Developing REST services – eXo Platform has a REST API to query data. However, you may sometimes want to select data in a different way or even fetch data from an external system. In this case, you can create your own REST service using one of three methods: Jax-RS, Groovy REST service or IDE.
  • LDAP integration – To make it easy for administrators and developers to implement LDAP on eXo Platform, we decided to move the LDAP content from the GateIn Reference to the Administrator Guide, which has a new chapter with all the information about LDAP. This chapter will be continuously improved in the coming deployments.
  • Creating a new activity type – This entire section has been reviewed and updated. By following the new steps, you can easily define an activity type and your own UI component to display it.
  • Database – This content has become a new chapter in the Administrator Guide with minor updates based on the latest version of eXo Platform 4.0.
  • Creating your extension project – There has been a small but important update for registering extensions manually in the JBoss package. Now, you need to add jboss-deployment-structure.xml, which declares platform.ear as a dependency of the custom extension.

Finally, we would like to mention that we have completed a quick review of the User Guide for eXo Platform 4.1 Milestone 1. Some changes for CKEditor and recurring events have been made to it.

With our continuous integration process, we are striving to review and improve technical guides for Platform 4.1. Check our documentation regularly for updates and feel free to share your needs (for tutorials, dedicated chapters or anything else) and your feedback at the bottom of each documentation page. We are always happy to get your ideas!

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