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You have always thought that “eXo” was just a science fiction concept, didn’t you? “Don’t forget your eXosuit, Iron Man.” “Run! This eXoplanet is full of aliens!” Forget that. Our product is futuristic, but we are real. Welcome to the eXo Platform!

Who are we?

eXo is an international software vendor established in 2003. Our offices speak French, English, Vietnamese, and Tunisian. We currently employ over 130 awesome high-tech engineers. Every day, we put all of their good ideas in our big eXoshaker to serve to our customers an awesome solution that Tom “Cocktail” Cruise would be proud of.

What solution are we talking about? At eXo, we all believe in the power of enterprise social networks to enhance the collaboration between teams of professionals. So we have been working out a powerful social and collaborative platform for companies and organizations with many cool features. As we are keen on sharing this power, we have also decided to open our sources to the community.

What do our customers do with our platform? They exchange ideas and share the office fun. They validate technical specifications and decide the implementation of a new marketing plan. They watch educational videos and participate in strategic video conferences with their stakeholders. Many things, basically—we just provide them with possibilities.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it

Integrated in the Engineering Department and under the responsibility of the VP of Engineering, you are in charge of the R&D of one or several components of the eXo Platform. You are located in Hanoi, Vietnam’s bustling capital city.

You play a key role in the evolution of these components. Keeping an eye on the market and emerging technologies, you actively propose technical and functional improvements to the VPs and the product management. You participate in the writing of functional and technical specifications, and you ensure the feasibility of all of the requirements you receive.

You are the leader of one dedicated team of developers, including team and technical leaders. You organize their priorities with the engineering manager, build/follow/update their backlog and sprints, and you are the guardian of the targets (quality, cost, time) as well as processes and coding standards. You ensure the functional consistency of their outputs with the requirements as well as its technical consistency with the global architecture.

Who are you?

Coming from the software engineering world, you have significant experience driving development activities. You speak French and English fluently but also Scrum and Sprints and Backlog. You know the good practices, methods, and tips required to manage a team and be their leader. You speak Vietnamese, too? That’s a plus. But your clear communication and didactical skills will be essential tools, in any case.

You’re passionate about new technologies, preferably social networks, and you are used to dealing with functional and technical requirements. Preferably, you have already handled their writings in some of your past experiences. You are rigorous and open to discussion, so you will be able to refine them. You are solution-oriented, committed, and voluntary, so you will make them real.

You are a geek, too, so for you, Java is not an Indonesian island but a tongue you speak fluently. You know what continuous integration and version control mean and what to do with them, so you will quickly support the team to follow processes and standards.

You want to work beside talented software engineers because, damn, you too are talented! If this is you, then apply right now, and join our eXo tribe.

Apply now, send us your CV!

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