JBoss World 2009, the best of eXo & JBoss Portals in one common project

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From August 31st to September 2nd, eXo will attend the annual JBoss World as a new partner of JBoss. The JBoss World event is the perfect place to share about new technologies, best practices and industry trends with experts. It also will be a nice occasion for us to meet companies that need new and innovative solutions and to show our ability to develop custom solutions for specific needs.

After three months in collaboration with JBoss, it is time for eXo to unveil the next generation of portal as well. eXo and JBoss teams joined their efforts and worked hard to present a portal gathering the best of two successful open source solutions: eXo and JBoss Portals. This new portal will set a new standard of quality in the industry and will offer new capabilities to customers. During the JBoss World, eXo will preview this new Open Source portal as well as how eXo complete stack will run on top of it.

To see this preview, to meet us and share about your expectations, your industry insights, or to talk about our solutions and the industry in general, come and meet us at booth 223. More than building knowledge, you will also spend a nice time 😉

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