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International Coffee Day for Coffee lovers

On October 1, we will celebrate International Coffee Day. We are very excited about it at eXo!
I don’t know if you like coffee as much as we do or if you share this feeling with me and many other eXoers, but I cannot imagine a single day
without coffee!

Well, coffee is a big part of our lives and our daily routines. It gives us the courage and energy to get out of bed and make it through the crappiest days.

I mean, can you have a proper conversation or be nice to someone if you haven’t had your morning coffee?

I’m thinking of a colleague. Let’s call him Binh. He looks terribly frightening until his first sip of … tea! He is in the eXo Vietnam office, so tea is the star there and even has its own day!
In the US office, we are big fans of latte and cappuccino. I heard our French colleagues cherish espresso between 9 am and 10 am. In Tunisia, they are torn between green tea with mint and espresso or americano.

Countries, cultures and moods aside, coffee is a moment of sharing.
Most of the time, we share our coffee breaks with friends, colleagues or family… And it’s always a good occasion to cool down tensions, find solutions, brainstorm ideas, plan holidays or just chat.

Espresso, macchiato, tea or Turkish coffee? In the morning, during meetings or after lunch? Each time, it will be a unique experience that brings people together. Anywhere, anytime.


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