How Effective Collaboration Increases your Top-line

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The most successful companies have one thing in common – they place customer satisfaction at the heart of their processes. Happy customers continue to do business with your company and refer others to do business with your company, ultimately increasing your top-line. With social collaboration integrated into your company’s processes and systems, you can more effectively provide best-in-class customer service.

Your team is dealing with increasingly complex problems that, according to researchers, are better resolved by groups than by individuals. No wonder organizations invest a lot of money in their various business collaboration tools – CRMs, ERPs, etc.

The problem is these numerous applications, used by different teams within the same company, create their own information silos and prevent, rather than promote, collaboration. Marketing and sales teams often use different software for instance, creating an invisible barrier for information flow.

Social tools provide a perfect way to link the systems together – sales and marketing can create a common project around an activity stream that would be populated from the separate systems they use. Notifications from a CRM software can, for example, feed the social stream in a group devoted to a client project. No need to flip between different programs and copy and paste content from one place to another. Discussions are easy to follow and participate in, as everyone’s social activity stream provides an overview of all projects the person is involved in.

Today’s business challenges often involve multiple teams and skills, and integrating disparate collaboration tools into a social collaboration platform is a great way to unify a company’s systems to bring people together.

For example, an ad-hoc collaboration project on a big lead might include people from sales, service delivery, finance, marketing and customer support. Instead of having to manually update each department’s system, the activity stream would pull in information from relevant team tools. No more learning about delivery issues from the client and chasing down the delivery guy to see what is going on – the entire team can see the status of a delivery and follow up as needed.

According to a white paper by IBM, the business processes currently benefiting from this type of integration the most are customer service, product development, human resources, marketing and sales. With each team working together to provide the best possible customer service, companies will see the impact directly on their top-line.

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