Cartoon of the Week: Health Nucleus X to extend human lifespan

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Health Nucleus X

Nothing seems to defy technology; from virtual reality to flying cars and even cyborgs, we’re reaching an era in which every situation can be resolved with a simple click or two.

But now, we’re witnessing something beyond high-tech gadgets. We’re talking about immortality!

A high-tech medical company, Human Longevity, Inc., claimed this week that it can help anyone slow aging and cheat death—at least, anyone willing to pay $25,000!

The pilot program, Health Nucleus X (HNX), offers precise information on how to lead the healthiest, longest life possible.

Inventors and futurists are harnessing the powers of technology and preventive medicine to help you cheat premature death for years or even decades.

According to CBS News, the exclusive medical check-up lasts eight hours and includes sequencing of your whole genome and all your microbiota, the germs both in and on your body.
It looks like we’ll no longer need Botox or any kind of plastic surgery to hide our flaws or be young again. Aging is now a curable disease!
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