A fresh homepage for the doc website! Also a nice series of updates to the guides!

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In this deployment, we are pleased to introduce a new homepage and a series of updates that are based on feedback and requests from customers and community developers.

Let’s start with the fresh look and feel that you’ll see as soon as you open the Doc Website. With its new front page, recent updates are more visible and you will find it easier to access the major chapters of our documentation. Check it out on Doc Website and tell us what you think!

Then, some significant updates to the User Guide:

  • Managing space navigation bar – Have you ever found creating a page for your space confusing? If so, these updates will give you the help you need. This section has been modified with detailed procedures for creating, editing, and removing a page from the space navigation bar.
  • WebDAV – Some users have given us feedback about exploring WebDAV clients in eXo Platform, so we decided to rearrange all content related to WebDAV. Now, you can find all necessary information about WebDAV in a new chapter, including step-by-step instructions for connecting through a web browser, Nautilus (Linux), or Windows Explorer (Windows 7, 8 and XP), as well as limitations that may occur and how to resolve them.

And last, updates on the Developer Guide:

  • Redeploying your site extension – As a developer, you may often create a site through our extension mechanism. If so, have you modified and redeployed your extension, and then discovered that the new modifications did not take effect? Read this new short section to solve your problem.
  • Customizing a shared layout – Have you ever met with difficulty when changing the style of the top navigation bar, due to missing information? Because the shared layout works differently from other parts of the layout, we have clarified a few steps to ensure you will be able to make these changes successfully.
  • Creating a portlet and adding JavaScript to a portlet – The Developer Guide now describes the steps for easily creating a new portlet and adding in JavaScript.

In addition to the major updates above, this deployment includes many small but important technical ones, for example, in Security service of JCR Reference Guide, and LDAP groups mapped into Platform.

Once again, your feedback fuels our motivation, so don’t hesitate to speak up and Join the eXo tribe! By registering for the community, you’ll also get updates, tutorials, support, and access to the Platform and add-on downloads!

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