Fresh Doc Updates to Video Calls, Chat, Outgoing Mail Service, and JCR index!

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In this deployment, we are pleased to present significant updates to eXo Platform 4.1 – some of which are based on feedback and requests from our customers and community developers.

eXo Add-ons Guide
Video Calls & Chat Add-ons

Some content has been updated to make it clearer for readers while discovering Video Calls and Chat. More details have already been added in the Client Setup, allowing Windows 7 and MAC users to follow the installation steps in a more illustrative manner. Also in this section, one new tutorial named Placing a Call Button in your application has been written especially for developers.

For the Chat add-on, the new part – Secured MongoDB – has been specially crafted to help you ensure security while setting up MongoDB in the production environment. See here for more details.

Administrator Guide
Outgoing Mail Service & JCR Index in Cluster Mode

We have decided to restructure Outgoing Mail Service with a Gmail-specific part. You will first learn about the default configuration of an email sending service and then practice by following the sample that uses Gmail as your SMTP server.

In the eXo Platform 4.1 cluster, the default JCR indexing strategy has changed (SHARED in 4.0 but LOCAL in 4.1 by default). For those who are currently upgrading to 4.1, do not miss these updates on migrating the eXo Platform cluster 4.0 to 4.1.

Why not as many updates for eXo Platform 4.1 documentation as usual?

This is because we on the DOC Team are currently spending some resources preparing the repository for PLF 4.2 and are already working on upcoming topics.

We hope that you like new updates in this deployment and stay tuned. Once again, your feedback feeds our motivation, so don’t hesitate to raise your voice!

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