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In this deployment, we are pleased to introduce significant updates, some of which are based on feedback and requests from our customers and community developers.

Portlet development: Deployment, localization, JavaScript, and JSF2 portlet bridge

First is a series of changes on portlet development. We have restructured and added new step-by-step instructions regarding deployment, localization, JavaScript, and the JSF2 portlet bridge. We have focused on eXo-specific portlets, but we encourage developers to learn JSR-286 as well. With the aim of supporting developers who are totally new to portlet development, we have provided very basic instructions (for example, HelloWorld) that you can follow easily.

Customization and extensibility: Writing your own Organization Listeners and making the Register form accessible to guests

Customizability and extensibility have always been the strengths of eXo Platform, as evidenced in the frequently updated tutorials in our Developer Guide. In this deployment, we have written a new section called Organization listeners. By following the detailed instructions in this section, you will be able to write your own Organization Listeners and deploy them in eXo Platform simply and effectively.

As an administrator, have you ever tried making the Register form accessible to guests when they want to sign up on the intranet? If so, have you been successful in making these changes? Once again, we would like to emphasize that you need to clarify permissions and layered architecture of a site to ensure that your modifications will take effect. More instructions, as well as illustrations for this topic, are now available at the beginning of Managing permissions.


Single-sign-on: Integrating CAS with eXo Platform

For questions surrounding SSO integration with eXo Platform after our first updates on SPNEGO and OpenAM, we have started refining the structure and content of CAS. We hope you will find these changes handy as you approach this topic.

Your feedback fuels our motivation, so don’t hesitate to raise your voice by joining the eXo tribe! By registering for the community, you’ll also get updates, tutorials, support, and access to the Platform and add-on downloads!

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