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In this documentation update, we are pleased to summarize significant changes based on feedback and requests from our customers and community developers.

JOSSO – Integrating with eXo Platform 4

Have you ever had difficulties in integrating the open single sign-on solution JOSSO with eXo Platform 4 due to missing information? If yes, these updates are what you need. Much useful information for JOSSO 1.8 and 2.2 has been added. Also, this content has been restructured with detailed procedures and illustrations for setting up JOSSO servers (particularly JOSSO 2.2).


Contextual properties – Accessing navigation parameters

When developing a portlet, you might need to access contextual portal information, such as page URL, SiteType, SiteName and more. The Contextual Properties feature gives you a way to access this information in a natural and simple way. To make things easy for developers, we have provided tutorials on writing a ContextualPropertyManager plugin that adds a parameter (called current_time) and a portlet that gets all the public contextual properties, including yours and the built-in ones.

Content forms – Creating a content form in Sites Explorer

Have you ever felt confused when creating a content form in eXo Platform? We decided to merge two sections, Content type and Content template, into one single topic. The steps have been updated so that you can easily create your own content form, from the node type to the templates.

With these changes, we hope you will find a handy approach for these technical topics. Once again, don’t hesitate to raise your voice by joining the eXo tribe – we always highly appreciate your ideas.

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