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Since we have come to the end of 2019, we thought it would be a good idea to review the most frequently asked questions of the year. These questions were collected by our teams: pre-sales, customer success, and support. Some were also asked by community members on eXo Tribe.

Here are ten of the most FAQs of 2019.

  1. Is it possible to co-edit documents within eXo Platform?

Yes. eXo Platform users can now co-edit documents directly within the platform. This was made possible by the partnership with the OnlyOffice Suite.

The OnlyOffice add-on for eXo Platform comes with a number of benefits. You can:

  • co-edit documents in real time;
  • track changes and compare different versions;
  • facilitate access to information;
  • reduce duplicated knowledge and keep teams on the same track;
  • use an on-premise deployment for more control.

Our feature teams are currently working to optimize further integrations with popular office suites such as Office Online and Google Drive.


2.  What are the supported web browsers for eXo Platform’s latest versions?

eXo Platform is compatible with Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Support for Internet Explorer 11 has been progressively discontinued. Since the introduction of eXo Platform 5.0, compatibility with IE11 has been partial as the web browser did not offer an optimal UI for some functionalities, such as video calls and push notifications, due to limited standard support (HTML5). For the future, we intend to keep adopting the latest web standards and technologies when it makes sense for eXo Platform’s user experience, and to reduce our dependence on old, insecure and proprietary technologies.

For full details of supported versions, please take a look at our supported environments.


3. What operating systems is your software compatible with?

eXo Platform can be installed on most popular Linux distributions and Windows servers. Refer to the Supported Environments for full details

4. What is a gamification system and how does it work?

Gamification is a system for the automatic allocation of points and badges to users for their activity within the platform. The add-on is designed to engage users, reward positive behaviors, and promote a culture of healthy competition within the workplace.

Different actions, such as sharing a document, posting a comment, creating a task or resolving a support ticket, have different point values.

Actions are grouped in domains that are configurable by the platform administrator. Some examples of domains include:

  • “Social” for actions such as liking, commenting on or sharing pieces of content;
  • “Knowledge” for posting information;
  • “Teamwork” for creating tasks and events.

Points can also be collected from activities performed on third-party applications and platforms. In this way, users who do not spend much time on the platform can still be rewarded for their efforts. This is an initiative that we illustrated recently by rewarding our developers for their contributions on GitHub, but it can be expanded to any business app with a simple integration process.


5. What is eXo wallet and what can it bring to my business?

eXo wallet is a built-in digital wallet solution. This secure wallet is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and allows any user of eXo Platform to send and receive payments in any currency or utility token.

eXo wallet is the backbone of our Rewards program. It is directly linked to other add-ons, such as the gamification and kudos add-ons. A number of benefits are associated with having an internal currency system within your businesses. It allows users to purchase perks provided by the HR department or their peers, provides tangible rewards for engaged users, and motivates users to contribute more often.


6. What is the difference between eXo Platform’s different offers?

Currently there are three eXo Platform offers: Professional, Enterprise, and Enterprise Unlimited. The offers have some similarities as they contain the same basic features.

  • Core features: Activity stream, Profiles, Spaces, Unified search, Mobile, instant chat, document and task management, wikis, forums, calendar, etc.
  • MS Office 365 integrations: MS Office (remote edit), MS Active Directory / LDAP, MS Exchange, MS Sharepoint, MS Outlook, MS Skype for business.
  • eXo Rewards: Gamification, Kudos, Token Wallet and Perk Store.

But the offers differ in their deployment, support, and various integrations designed for developers. The Professional and Enterprise editions are available only on cloud, whereas Enterprise Unlimited is available on cloud and On Premise.

Furthermore, three types of support are available for our clients: Help Desk for Professional, Standard for Enterprise, and Premium for Enterprise Unlimited clients. It is worth noting that our support team can act in a “best effort” mode to satisfy our clients’ needs. It is also possible for clients and community users to post their issues and inquiries in the Community edition’s forum.

7. How easy is it to upgrade from one eXo version to another?

eXo Platform tries to ensure backward compatibility and to minimize the time and work needed for upgrades. We encourage all customers to follow eXo Platform releases closely and to carry out small upgrades, rather than to undertake big upgrades irregularly. Refer to the Maintenance Program for a full understanding of our version policy. On a non-customized installation, upgrades are designed to be seamless. A simple restart is often enough; data migration routines (if any) can execute automatically when needed. The migration effort on customized systems largely depends on whether best practices have been followed, the depths of the customizations, and their reliance on unsupported APIs.

8. Is it possible to embed a social media feed within eXo Platform?

Since eXo Platform is widely used by internal communication specialists, we have been asked this question quite often recently. Businesses are increasingly willing to share their culture with employees and to encourage them to act as ambassadors on social media platforms. With eXo Platform, it is possible to embed a social media feed in the homepage or collaborative spaces.

For a step by step guide on how to embed a social media feed in eXo Platform, please visit this blog post.

9. Is it possible to integrate Angular business applications in eXo Platform?

Yes. Angular business applications can easily be migrated and integrated as eXo applications. Make sure to visit this blog post for more information.


10. How can I integrate eXo Platform SSO via SAML 2 with Keylock?

eXo Platform provides an implementation of single sign-on (SSO) as an integration and aggregation platform. When logging into the portal, users gain access to many systems through portlets using a single identity. In many cases, the portal infrastructure must be integrated with other SSO-enabled systems.

Many identity management solutions are available. In most cases, each SSO framework provides a unique way to plug into a Java EE application.

For a more detailed tutorial please, visit this blog post.

We hope these answers will help you understand our new features, offers, and technical specifications. If you have any questions, make sure to contact us here or join our community and access the forum.

On behalf of the whole eXo Family, we wish you a happy new year.


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