Expanding the eXo Partner Program

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eXo is a global company with offices and employees located in Europe, Asia, and North America. Even though we’re growing fast, we can’t always keep up with the demand in all corners of the world. That’s why we’ve established our Authorized Distributor partner program. Authorized Distributors are able to recruit, train and support local networks of resellers and system integrators.

Today we’re excited to announce our partnership with B2B, one of the largest software distributors in Poland, and the first official eXo Authorized Distributor. Responding to increased demand in the retail market, our partnership with B2B will help address the needs of eXo Platform users among major retailers, including catalog retailers, and on-line resellers.

For more details about eXo partner programs, visit the Partners section of our website. To learn more about B2B, check out their website or contact us.

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