eXo Webinar March 24: Intro to Chromattic and CRaSH, Tools in the GateIn Portal Framework

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Even though we had some big news today about our VC funding, it’s business-as-usual here at eXo.  We’re busy getting ready for the launch of the open source portal framework, GateIn, that we’ve been collaborating on with Red Hat.  Julien Viet, the lead developer for eXo’s effort on GateIn, will be giving an “under the hood” look at some of GateIn’s core technology in a one-hour webinar on 24 March.

The webinar, called “Technical Deep Dive: Understanding Advanced Persistence and Querying with Chromattic and CRaSH, Tools in the GateIn Portal Framework” will take place on 24 March, 2010, at 9am PT / 12pm ET / 5pm GMT.  The key concepts of Chromattic & CRaSH will be presented, as Julien walks through the development of a simple Chromattic application in real-time. This sample application will be made available to the attendees so they can use the sample code as a starting point. This advanced technical session will show:

  • How to integrate Chromattic with a modern IDE using a Maven-based build
  • How to deploy and connect to a CRaSH shell
  • How to create a custom CRaSH command
  • Several advanced features of Chromattic will be highlighted, to demonstrate the power of the framework

Attendees will also have the opportunity to interact with and ask questions of Julien and other eXo core developers.

To get all the details and to register, check out the webinar overview page.

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