eXo Webinar: eXo Platform 3, the User Experience Platform for Java

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eXo Platform 3, the User Experience Platform for Java, provides a solid enterprise-ready foundation for portal-based applications, with the collaboration, social and content features developers need to build modern, user-centric Java apps.

Join Tugdual Grall, SVP of Product Strategy & Development at eXo, as he gives a tour of some of the capabilities of eXo Platform 3, as well as an overview of the product architecture. Attendees will be introduced to several common use case scenarios:

  • Social Intranet: building a modern corporate intranet with activity streams, chat, group workspaces, calendars, and other collaboration spaces
  • Web 2.0 Websites: using eXo Platform 3’s powerful content management capabilities to develop portal-based websites
  • Application Development Platform: how to use the web-based IDE to build gadgets and mashups, and create custom APIs to extend eXo Platform 3

The presentation will also include live demonstrations of sample apps built with eXo Platform.

Webinar Details:

Title: eXo Platform 3, the User Experience Platform for Java
Speakers: Tugdual Grall, Senior VP of Product Strategy and Development
Language: English
Two Sessions:
– 1st Session: October 7th, at 6am Pacific Time / 9am Eastern Time / 3pm Paris – Register Here
– 2nd Session: October 7th, at 10am Pacific Time / 1pm Eastern Time / 7pm Paris – Register Here

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