eXo Platform Ukraine: 4 years

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I can not believe in that but it is came 4 years of working eXo Platform Ukraine.
Traditionally, eXoers and friends celebrate the anniversary on the open air, on the picturesque forest near river Dnepr (that is the place the picture below but not the Dnepr yet 🙂 )
Nice place
Nice place is not it?

It is a big pleasure to work with those guys! Thanks a lot all eXoers around the world: France, Vietnam, Tunisia, Ukraine,… you’re simply the best!

For eXo World
For the eXo World!
Enjoying a good company
Enjoying a good company
... and good meat
… and good meat

Hope everyone enjoyed cool day spent together on the party talking, eating, drinking, playing, laughing and swimming 🙂

Voleyball on the beach
Voleyball on the beach
... and some funny game which looks like beach soccer :)
… and some funny game which looks like beach soccer 🙂

(this is the tiny part of 3Go photo archive made after the party 🙂 )

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