eXo Platform selected as Project of the Month on SourceForge!

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We are very delighted to be selected as Project of the Month on SourceForge! SourceForge is a must-follow website for anybody who has an interest in open-source software and this selection rewards the excellence of our open-source platform. Thanks to the community who elected us as Project of the Month. Once again, we’re very proud of our followers!

SourceForge has always helped us a great deal, by managing, giving visibility and bringing support to our project. We’ve been using SourceForge almost since our inception (since 2003, to be exact) and there’s no need to say that their software management tools were key for us in the early stages. We could hear our users and give them support when it was needed.

Since then, we have become a fully grown vendor and our community has grown to more than 20,000 members. So, now we use our own platform to communicate with our users. However, SourceForge still gives our project a tremendous amount of visibility thanks to its well thought out website where the projects are central, and the great teams who have always helped us to make the most of their website.

Head over to the SourceForge blog for a great interview with Patrice Lamarque, VP of products at eXo, in which he discusses our history with SourceForge as well as eXo’s journey from the initial project to where we are now, a global vendor.

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