eXo Platform representative office in Vietnam become eXo Platform SEA (South East Asia)

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Hanoi, Vietnam, October 28th, 2008 – eXo Platform, collaborative software editor, is moving its representative office in Vietnam to a full branch named eXo Platform SEA for South East Asia. The aim is to develop business in the South East Asian area where opportunities are increasing.

For few years now, eXo Platform is developing some of its products via its representative office in Vietnam. eXo Platform is employing more than 50 collaborators here and is still hiring.

The South East Asian market is growing fast and stand for an interesting place to develop business. To do so, eXo Platform decided to make the Vietnamese office a central point for business in South East Asia. The office become, since October a full office aiming to sell its products in the area.

After having opened a new business branch in Africa, eXo Platform continues its international growth with eXo Platform SEA.

Brice Revenant, eXo Platform SEA manager, highlights: “We have strong technical skills here in Vietnam and we now have to develop our image with local companies to show what we are capable of. We have huge contracts in Europe and even if the culture in Asia is different, it is a very interesting challenge, and I am sure we can compete with major local competitors. The aim of this new structure is to understand the local market, the needs for collaborative softwares and to bring reliable solutions.”

About eXo Platform

eXo Platform™ is a French company founded in 2003 and now employing 85 collaborators, eXo Platform is developing a collaborative software suite that is based on an innovative web portal solution which enables the virtualization of the work space through an advanced WebOS interface. Standing in the international market, eXo Platform count as its customers the American Department of Defense, the Belgium Financial Minister, the State of Geneva and some French general councils, as well as major industrial customers who chose eXo Platform products for huge projects involving thousands users.

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