eXo Platform goes from GPL v2 to GPL Affero v3

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GPL v2 to GPL Affero v3

With the incoming release of our revolutionary eXo Portal 2.0 (P2) and eXo Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products, we have decided to move to the new Affero GPL v3 Open Source license.

This is mainly to have an answer to all contacts we have from company which want to base their application on eXo and distribute it in SaaS mode while still getting all the advantages of the eXo subscription offering.

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I'm Chief Executive Officer of eXo (The Open Source Digital workplace), a company I founded just out of university to serve its first customer, the U.S. Department of Defense. I'm also board Member at Meeds.io, an association of software vendors that provides its members with employee recognition software.

  1. Hi

    Does the choice of GPL v3 mean that companies can not distribute eXo in SaaS without subscription ? or that companies can not distribute eXo in SaaS ?

  2. Hi,

    This means that companies that want to use eXo as the basis of a SaaS solution will have to:

    – either provide the source of the entire SaaS solution on the site (with the same Affero license)
    – either purchase a distribution/oem license from eXo to avoid the source distribution


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