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eXo Platform 5.3

San Francisco, December 17, 2019. eXo Platform, the digital workplace provider announces the general availability of its latest version 5.3.

eXo Platform 5.3 brings a number of changes to its predecessor 5.2 in terms of user experience and design, as well as several bug fixes and improvements. The new release combines collaborative, gamification and recognition features designed to empower, reward and engage users.

The new features include:

  • A built-in gamification system with points and badges to motivate users to adopt positive behaviours.
  • An employee recognition feature designed to encourage peer-to-peer recognition and to improve continuous feedback.
  • A system for rewarding and exchanging digital tokens to valorise employee engagement through a digital wallet app, allowing users to send and receive payments in tokens.
  • An internal marketplace in which users can redeem perks using their tokens.
  • Integration with the ‘OnlyOffice’ editors to facilitate the co-editing of MS Office documents.
  • The ability for admin to update the name of the portal in the sidebar.
  • A variety of collaborative features like widgets for spaces and space templates to foster collaboration and improve the overall user experience.

The reward features (Gamification, Kudos, Token Wallet, Rewards, Perk-store) are available with the different eXo product offers at no additional cost and can be switched on and off according to the users’ needs.

The OnlyOffice integration is a paid subscription available on the Enterprise and Enterprise Unlimited offers. For more information on the different offers, please visit eXo Platform’s product offer page.

Learn more about eXo Platform 5.3 in this blog post.

About eXo Platform

With an ecosystem of 100,000 members and hundreds of successful deployments worldwide, including the US Department of Defense, NATO, UCLA, Generali, and the European Investment Bank, eXo is the largest open-source provider of digital workplace solutions for enterprises and governments.

eXo helps organisations of all sizes engage their workforce, transforming their employees’ experience and harnessing their knowledge via its innovative, extensible, interoperable collaboration platform and wide range of services.

For more information about eXo, visit www.exoplatform.com.

Press Contacts for eXo Platform

Veronika Mazour: +14153749109, veronika@exoplatform.com

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