eXo Platform 4.3.1 Enterprise Edition released!

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eXo Enterprise Edition Released

We are pleased to announce the availability of eXo Platform 4.3.1 Enterprise Edition, the first maintenance release of the Platform 4.3 series.

This release contains bug fixes and improvements for 75 issues reported by eXo customers and teams. The main improvements are:

Better searches

Getting lost when going from one search query to another can happen very quickly. We’re saying that because we’ve been there and we feel for you. We have improved the usability of the search feature, allowing you to navigate back to previous search queries so you don’t have to start from scratch.
The fuzzy search function of the unified search has been improved to give better and more relevant results.
We also made searching for activities, spaces and people faster and wider by allowing you to search using special characters.
We widened the search scope to use other document properties for more accurate results. Specifically, you can search through the summary properties of your documents.

Access wikis and forums more easily

I know that you’re really excited about being able to ask questions, following conversations on the forum and getting to know people with the same interests as you. I also know that you want to share knowledge using collaborative tools like wikis. We have made it faster for you to do so by minimizing the loading time of forums and wikis.
And as promised, users can now access a forum right after joining a space, if they want to. There is no need to set separate permissions anymore for a forum in a space someone already belongs to.

Work better with a high-performance platform

It’s crystal clear that to improve the performance of our platform, ongoing cleaning up is required. We have kept the most important actions and deleted the trivial ones. For example, to improve space management, we only show the most useful JCR actions.
We also made the social connector a bit more intelligent. Well, that doesn’t mean it’ll guess your thoughts and then start looking for results. What we mean is that we have improved searching when you insert accented characters into the search criteria. The results will include matches with and without the accented characters, so you get more answers for your query.

Don’t be afraid of an interruption!

We don’t want you to waste your time rerunning a migration if it has been interrupted. That’s why we have made it possible to continue from where it stopped, even after an interruption.

See more in space manager

In the space manager, the good news is that we have increased the pagination size for space members. Starting today, you won’t have to scroll down to see all of your space members. Instead, on the same page, you’ll see 20 members, 10 requests and 10 invitations.

How to get the update

Maintenance releases are exclusive to subscribers, who will receive the bundle via our support channel.

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