eXo Platform 4.0.7 Released! 20 languages to choose from!

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We are very pleased to announce the availability of eXo Platform 4.0.7, the seventh maintenance version of the Platform 4.0 series.

This version contains resolutions for 84 issues from several categories.

Customer issues

In each maintenance version, we provide fixes for issues reported by our customers through the support channel.

Security vulnerabilities

Information System’s Security threats are a major concern for all our customers. We try to fix them as soon as they are detected.

Customization of Unified search settings

Until Platform 4.0.6, the parameters of Unified search setting (search scope, filter, number of results per page) can be only tuned on runtime. From now on, these parameters can be set up as portlet preferences.

New translations in 2 languages

Thanks to the valuable contributions of the community on Crowdin, translations into Greek and Persian have been added. Users can therefore choose eXo Platform 4.0.7 among 20 languages.

Other defects were reported by our QA, engineering teams and the eXo community.

The full list is here: Platform 4.0.7 issues.

How to get the update

Customers who subscribe to eXo will have the bundle via our support channel.

Otherwise, you can download and start using eXo Platform 4.0.7 Express Edition now.

If you are using eXo Platform 4.0.6, you should follow the Upgrade chapter in the Administration guide and the Release Notes on the community website, and you will quickly get the new version to work with your current data.

This is the last release of the Platform 4.0 series. The next maintenance version will be on Platform 4.1 series.

For information on the changes in previous versions, please see the Release note archives.

Join the eXo tribe by registering for the community and get updates, tutorials, support, and access to the Platform and add-on downloads!

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