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I’m excited to share that eXo Mobile 2.2 was just released this week. We worked hard to add new features, enhance existing ones and provide an amazing new style.

We rethought the applications menu, by making them more customized and adapted to each device. Now we display user information directly on the menu, and Android users will be able to see last activities from their intranet immediately from the application’s homescreen.


Latest activities are displayed at the bottom of the screen with a cool ticker animation, so you’ll never miss any news from your intranet.

As I said, our goal with this release was to provide an amazing new style for our mobile applications. And we did just that – they’re slick, eye-catching, and most importantly, easy to use. We are particularly proud of the improvements delivered in this version.

Let me show you a few of my favorites.


The iPad application now takes advantages of the retina display!



Styles have been adapted to each platform. We changed the navigation bar to a blue linen with a small stitching over it. It definitely changes the look and feel of our mobile applications!

You might notice that we added a cool and useful new feature to the activity stream. You’re now able to select which stream you want to browse, such as activities from your spaces or activities from your connections for example.

It’s really cool that you will be able to focus only on activities that you consider the most relevant.


You can select which activity stream to browse

We also improved the way details of an activity are displayed. We rethought this screen to improve it and allow you to see the complete list of “likes” on each activity.


Within the documents feature, we added the ability for users to browse all general drives from their intranet, in addition to their personal and group documents.


For Android users, there’s also a bonus feature. Now you can open a document with a compatible application installed on your device. This means you can actually edit your documents, no matter where you are.

Finally, we made a huge effort to improve authentication behaviors; it’s now much faster, more secure and robust.

Enough previewing, now it’s time to download or update your eXo mobile application to the new 2.2 version! Once you’ve tried it, don’t forget to let us know what you think by posting a review in the App Store.

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