eXo JCR 1.8.2 and eXo Portlet Container 2.0 RC5

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Today was a busy day, we have released two products. eXo JCR 1.8.2 is a maintenance release for our Java Content Repository implementation (JSR 170) while eXo PC 2.0 RC5 is one of the last release of our Portlet Container implementation before its final release along with the official launch of JSR 286 (Portlet API)

Here are the changes:

eXo PC 2.0 RC5

– cache control bug was fixed
– public cache problem was resolved
– url generation was fixed to work properly for AJAX calls
– major test portal / portal framework refactoring
– a number of internal improvements

eXo JCR1.8.2

– RegistryService.recreateEntry improvement to make the recreate in one Session. This change prevent the service from problems in multi-thread environment.
– In RegistryService an exception ItemNotFoundException was replaced with PathNotFoundException. Code tunning with .hasNode (may cause a little speed increasing:).
– Core will has a check for Same-name siblings in persistence layer, that will prevent problems with concurrent creation of same-name siblings nodes.

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